CLASS             DATE         TRACK           CAR            OWNER           E.T.        MPH


OUTLAW FUEL   5-2-17      Superplex          I.C.B.M.     Steve Geary    .152494

OUTLAW FUEL    10-9-15      Superplex      Sandman       Steve Geary                      122.06


 TOP FUEL            4-14-18     Superplex          Gieco           Pat Swim      .172701

 TOP FUEL            2-3-18       Superplex         Seal Master  Andy Peters                      109.95


 FUNNY CAR        5-12-18     Superplex           Napa           Andy Peters   .174089

 FUNNY CAR        5-12-18      Superplex          Napa           Andy Peters                     106.09


 PRO MOD              4-14-18    Superplex           Omen         Pat Swim        .194485

 PRO MOD              3-17-18    Superplex        7th Seal      Steve Geary                          90.76


 PRO STOCK          10-7-17  Superplex        God Rules      Steve Geary    .302558

 PRO STOCK          2-18-17   Superplex        Jansen Spec  Treper Jansen                     55.52    




 These records were achieved on a 17 foot 6 inch track with 27 volts of battery power with a charger on every battery.